About us

Erobito is a site dedicated to Japanese adult content, though sometimes I may dive into non-Japanese content (mainly when there is no Japanese alternative).

Erobito has information, as well as download links, to recommended hentai games, manga, and voice works.

Hentai game, and other content recommendations, are primarily going to be based on my own tastes, as I don’t purchase things that don’t interest me.

I’m typically interested in hentai where the man, or main character, is on the receiving end (M-oriented stuff), though I do like Futa x Girl content, too. Occasionally, I will go into S-oriented content if it is done well.

The first “proper” hentai game, or eroge, I played was Sengoku Rance, with an English patch. I recently played Rance VI and noticed how different it was from Sengoku Rance, though it’s worth getting, especially now that it’s been translated to English.

I also played Taimanin Asagi, again with an English patch, around the same time.

If you’re interested in M-oriented/femdom content, bookmark/favorite this site to get more information and recommendations.