Update 5/13/2020: CircleteckA announced today that they would like to create a seduction themed game, as opposed to a BF/battle-fuck game, for their next project.

さーくるてくあ (CircleteckA) is a doujin hentai game developer the primarily creates games in RPG format. Their games are only available over on DLsite.

Their games generally feature a wide range of hentai scenes/CGs, which follow a femdom/M theme most of the time.

さーくるてくあ (CircleteckA) サキュバステイマー 白猫シャーロットとひよっこ魔法使い Sex Battle Hentai Game Download

さーくるてくあ (CircleteckA) released their first game on May 23, 2013, making them a rather long-lived creator. The game was titled サキュバスハンター and was the first succubus/monster-girl hentai game they developed.

Along with many other older hentai games, サキュバスハンター currently has a slightly low user review score of 3.83/5.00. However, the game has sold 1031 copies to date, making it a relatively successful debut.
Comparisons between recent hentai games, and this seven-year-old game, could be one of the reasons for the low review score. The most recent review, as of writing, was posted in January 2020.

Following サキュバスハンター, さーくるてくあ (CircleteckA) continued to release succubus-themed games.

On July 26, 2015, they released りりすばとる!. It has sold a respectable 4870 copies and is currently sitting at a 4.56/5.00 review score. Following the release of this game, さーくるてくあ (CircleteckA) have continued this strong trend.

Four of their five most recent releases, following りりすばとる!, have sold around 5000 copies each. Their most recent game sold just under 10,000 copies.

さーくるてくあ (CircleteckA) Hentai Games

Every game by さーくるてくあ (CircleteckA) are generally very similar to each other. Each iteration has elements from the previous one, but takes it to a higher level. Meaning, if you like one of their games, you are very likely to enjoy all of them.


The most recent game developed by さーくるてくあ (CircleteckA), which almost sold 10,000 copies, is titled りりすいんないとめあ! (Lilith in Nightmare!).

りりすいんないとめあ! features animated battles, and hentai scenes/CGs, and a wide variety of situations/themes.

The two most recent games by this creator allow the player to choose between a male or female main character. 

Selecting a female main character will change the portrait picture, and some of the narrative/text. There are no differences between the hentai CGs for a male or female main character, though the female MC will be futanari (only affects some text and the character portrait).

りりすいんないとめあ! is a highly recommended game for fans of femdom/M and succubus/monster-girl hentai.

サキュバステイマー 白猫シャーロットとひよっこ魔法使い

サキュバステイマー 白猫シャーロットとひよっこ魔法使い was their most recent success, before りりすいんないとめあ! (Lilith in Nightmare!).

To date, it has sold 7926 copies, receiving an amazing user review score of 4.74/5.00. 

さーくるてくあ (CircleteckA) サキュバステイマー 白猫シャーロットとひよっこ魔法使い Sex Battle Hentai Game Download

Similar to their most recent game, サキュバステイマー 白猫シャーロットとひよっこ魔法使い allows the player to choose between a male or female main character.

Unlike the previous game, however, in サキュバステイマー 白猫シャーロットとひよっこ魔法使い you tame succubi and have them fight alongside you.

To make them stronger, you have to let them level drain you before going to sleep. If you don’t let them, the main enemy will visit you in your dreams and do it instead – leading to some reverse NTR-like dialog later on.

サキュバステイマー 白猫シャーロットとひよっこ魔法使い is a highly recommended game, if you are looking to expand your hentai game collection.

さーくるてくあ (CircleteckA) are excellent when it comes to content updates for their games, so it is highly likely you will get more than what you initially pay for.

How to support さーくるてくあ (CircleteckA)

さーくるてくあ (CircleteckA) have been around for a while and have created some high-quality games over on DLsite

They are constantly creating new games, or new content updates for existing games. So, if you would like to see more of their games, and allow them to keep improving as a developer, head over to DLsite. 

さーくるてくあ (CircleteckA) also has a Ci-en page, so be sure to follow them to get updates!


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